Established on 1984



Recruitment goals
  The purpose of a recruitment activity is to recruit as many applicants who would later affect the selection process will be rigorous so that netted the candidates in accordance with the wishes of the company

Recruitment process
The recruitment process include recruitment strategies
At  MOJASINDO Crewing we have a strategy that is reliable and proven to attract candidates who will be selected by clients who qualify only the screening will be input into the database of our crew. Our strategy includes deployment recruiters stricken area - coastal areas, disseminate information through print and electronic media, the good cooperation ties between the company and external recruitment sources such as schools, colleges shipping

Recruitment system
to create an effective recruitment system we implemented several things, among others:
Diagnosing effectively as possible (based on time constraints, financial resources, and the availability of existing executive staff) and environmental factors that influence organizational positions need to be filled and recruitment activities.
Creating descriptions, specifications, and detailed performance standards.
Determine the type of individuals who are employed by the organization in the same position.
Determine the recruitment criteria.
Evaluate the various channels and sources of recruitment
Selecting recruitment sources likely candidate group produces the greatest and most appropriate at the lowest possible cost.
Identifying recruitment channels to open sources, including writing advertisements, recruitment program schedule.
Selecting the most effective recruitment channels cost.
Recruitment plan that includes a list of activities and list to apply.