Established on 1984



Crew Manning Services
  • Screening, selection and hiring of experienced and qualified Indonesia Maritime Officers, Engineers and Ratings, all of who are certified according to STCW95 requirements, and with a good command of English;
  • Embarkation, on board appraisals and repatriation of seamen through a tailored crew management program;
  • Crew administration, forward planning, deployment, union relationships and training facilities in  Tegal , Pekalongan ,Cilacap  , Benoa and Muara Baru.
Cruise Crew Recruitment
  • Hiring, selection and deployment of cruise crew from Indonesia
  • Strict selection criteria based on candidates’ competency, experience, language competency, STCW95 certifications and their moral conduct;
  • Maintenance of crew records, administration, payroll, medical, insurance, consultancy, training management, reporting and crew scheduling.
Training and Development
  • English language program for all seagoing personnel;
  • Orientation of policies and procedures are briefed in accordance to the Principal Partners and safety management systems on the vessels;
  • Vocational training courses are well- organized  to prepare personnel for advancement in customer-service oriented position, guided by industry professionals.
Recruitment Campaign Management
  • Interview, selection and engagement of maritime candidates through online-based tests, technical interview and English language fluency tests
  • Job vacancy, job advertisements, online media engagement and CV response management
  • Value-added services including provision of interview facilities, arrangement for pre - employment checks, and travel arrangements.

Shipping is a business and the ‘management team’ on board plays a pivotal part in making it profitable.The competency requirements being mainly focused on technical skills, the commercial aspects are a grey area for many on board.

There we also fully train the senior ship staff about the financial side of the business, with the aim of improving cost-effectiveness of shipboard functioning.