Established on 1984


About Us


Put simply, we provide both crew and officers of the highest calibre sourced from  Indonesia to some of the most prestigious vessel operators across the globe. All of our seafarers are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients, supporting and encouraging a safe and efficient ship operation


Quality and productivity of Human Resources is one of the most important factors in the success of a company.In order to improve the value of a company , human resources play a significant to gain the competitive edge in this Global Era.
The role of human resources development is become more important from day to day.Some of the important factors in Human Resources development are:
Recruiting Qualified Human Resources.•
Setting the Human Resources in the right position



At your service attitude with total commitment of resources and energies, to constantly satisfy our reputed principals. MOJASINDO firmly believes that ‘Our crew’, ‘Our leaders’ and ‘Our technical expertise’ is the basis of our excellence in Ship Management. The fleet has grown over the years as an outcome of this philosophy and by ensuring that our customers are always the beneficiaries with International Ship Management's practical approach to management and cost efficiency savings.



Crew Manning Agency engaged in crewing business which selects, recruits and delivers seafarers to its ship owners company, cruise and maritime companies, ship managing and crew managing companies. Agency has knowledge and experience in dealing with different government offices more particularly Indonesia ports, immigration, and customs to facilitate the processing of the needed documents for vessels calling at Indonesia ports to simultaneously provide Seafarer through employment, crew planning, recruitment and manning services for ships. They are usually providing highest quality seafarer.

1.Our management team and search consultants are all experienced seafarers and with significant experience in the cruise line, commercial shipping company and fishing vessel, we are therefor actually aware of the challenges facing the cruise line,shipping industry worldwide and fisheries Industry particularly with regard  to manpower and qualification criteria
2.Our recruitment fees are among the lowest in Indonesia
3.We have strong relationship with several embassies in Indonesia for many countries such as  :  NEWZEALAND,SCOTLAND , IRELAND , ICELAND ,SPAIN , PORTUGAL , CHILE , NORWAY , CANADA , UKRAINA , NAMIBIA , KOREA , JAPAN , TAIWAN ,CHINA , ITALIA & SAUDI ARABIA when processing documentation to candidates deployment
4. We have forged close relationships with leading Hospitality and Maritime colleges in Indonesia in order to leverage “fist pick” for outstanding graduates
5.We continue to support and engage with hired candidates long after they secure employment,we provide support services and help to families of seafarers while they are on assignment at no charge
6.MLC Complience 2006 - 2010 and ISO 9001 : 2013

Personnel and payroll services

We offer complete crew administration and recruitment services through our subsidiary


Tailored marine training​ courses  are delivered at our modern in-house training centres in MANOKWARI and BENOA-BALI. A major focus is to reduce risk and ensure the safety of both personnel and physical assets across our fleet. Thanks to sophisticated equipment we are able to provide ship and cargo simulator courses for a wide range of vessels.

With the bulk purchasing power of the Stena Sphere behind us we are in a position to obtain substantial discounts. Our policy, without exception, is to provide consistent and cost effective sources of equipment to managed vessels in accordance with standards of certification and quality, as well as the Client’s specific requirements.

Marine consultancy services
Mojasindo wholly representatives Tritec Marine Ltd, which specialises in naval architecture, marine engineering and newbuild site supervision for projects all over the world.