Established on 1984



Mojasindo crewing is a team of professionals specializing in providing quality human resources and solutions for ship owners. We are a group of manning agent  our services include crewing, technical management. We also provide expert cook, electrical and electronics specialists, engineers, and welders.  

Mojasindo crewing authorized to carry out services by Indonesian labor authorities. We have a database of more than  1,000 active and skilled workers with extensive experience in all types of fishing vessels.

Mojasindo crewing has a recording the development of human resources for fisheries and maritime industries we regularly organize training and skill development courses for our crew members.

We boast a large training facility at our place, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the training of our personnel.

We adhere to strict quality control standards in all our operations and all applicants are thoroughly screened and candidates on their qualifications, experience, performance, skills and motivation of people before inclusion in our database. Mojasindo Crewing also provide extensive technical support and personnel for maintenance, repair and conversion of any type of vessel.


Mojasindo Crewing provide crews for fishing vessels and ship management solutions for ship owners and ship managers worldwide. Indonesia has a long tradition of fishing for over hundreds of years of education and taught for generations from father to son.

A job in Fishing Vessel regarded as an attractive career option for many Indonesian, faced with the choice of difficulties in obtaining employment in Indonesia made ​​a profession of foreign fishing vessels have become increasingly attractive, especially since the implementation of the salary standardization policy for foreign fishing by the local government.

Fishermen are trained in accordance with the latest requirements in Mojasindo Fishermen Training Center in Jepara & Bitung, an independent educational institution for newcomers fishermen. For nearly a decade, crewing Mojasindo been working with this growth, highly skilled, talented and staked its reputation on the expertise and performance both at sea and on shore them. So now, we really can claim to be able to work with the best professionals in the maritime world for our quality control.

All applicants and candidates we are put through rigorous screening process and mechanism of the qualifying examination, records of past performance and motivation prior to inclusion in our database. We offer excellent service and profitable relationships and sharing opportunities for all clients, and our fishermen depend on us for a variety of professional and personal support. Our relationship with our fishermen marked by integrity, loyalty, and a lifetime commitment


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